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RENOVATE your current state and thought process...

DOMINATE your life with a proven system and strategy...

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Success Stories

Tom ran his own successful company employing over 100 people, but his life took a turn when he had a relationship breakdown. A man who had just seen a long term vision of early retirement and freedom go up in smoke. It’s no surprise that Tom checked out of many of his responsibilities – sure, he was still turning up, there in body only - but life was stagnating. He felt like he was going backwards and all his hopes of enjoying what he had built were going up in smoke. Fortunately I got a chance to work with Tom and simply working with him through the process of re-creating HIS clear, conscious and compelling vision of the future he realised that, not only did he still possess the resources to have everything he wanted out of his early retirement, he actually found a new lease on life, reimagined the culture in his business, his life and with his kids and has just settled on a time share property in Europe where he will be able to spend some of that retirement and create great experiences for his children.

- Tom

David had a history of building great success stories - in his career, relationships, life – but somehow always seemed to burn the house down, just when it looked like his success was about to skyrocket. You may know this feeling. You may have experienced a version of this. Even labelled it something like self sabotage, limiting beliefs or a version of imposter syndrome. After working with us, David was able to renovate his thought processes, current story and internal alignment to the point where, not only did he manage to kick a couple of life’s debilitating habits, he also kicked off a successful business idea that has been operating for the past three years, growing year on year and begun to give back to the community.

- David

When I met Mark he was 30kg overweight, just turned 50 and told me was resigned to being dead by 55 from a heart attack – just like his Dad. I wasn’t buying it. He was stuck in a job that he didn’t hate, but wasn’t fulfilling him. He had a dream to make a difference in his world – the building game – and had a great idea to affect change. But he was stuck, he was struggling and he was fuelling his struggle with habits that kept him right where he was – heading towards that early grave, miserable. He was $200,000 in debt for things he had bought just to make him ‘happy’ With our help, Mark was able to shift his mindset, change his habits and instill a PROVEN system that begun to move the needle – in a short space of time. Within four months Mark had lost a staggering 20 kilos (he actually lost 40 kilo’s through his new system and accountability support.

- Mark

About Gary Fahey


As the bodyguard to the Australian Prime Minister, Gary wa expected to be Externally Bulletproof. It was something he excelled at, perhaps too well...

In Externally Bulletproof, Internally Brittle, the Gary shares a brutally raw and honest portrayal of his 10-year battle with mental health issues, depression, and gambling addiction – a battle which cost him almost $2 million, his career, his reputation and very nearly his life.

A journey that took him from the top of his field to the bottom of the heap.

Thankfully, it didn’t end at the bottom...

Knowing he was heading for total destruction, Gary was forced to face his own vulnerabilities, actions and purpose head on.

After working with and learning from experts the world over, he managed to turn his life around to begin to positively impact those around him, building not only a system to pull himself out of the mire, but to create a world class mental strength and conditioning business based around his lived experience, education and expertise.